About Me

I am a computer science researcher at Intel Labs working on applications of programming languages and formal verification to quantum computing. I am also interested in applications of programming languages to computer security and hardware verification. I got my Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018, where I worked with Steve Zdancewic, after which I worked as a research engineer at Galois.


  • Formal Verification of Flow Equivalence in Desynchronized Designs
    Jennifer Paykin, Brian Huffman, Daniel M. Zimmerman, and Peter A. Beerel
    International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (ASYNC), May 2020
  • A HoTT Quantum Equational Theory
    Jennifer Paykin and Steve Zdancewic
    Quantum Physics and Logic, Chapman University, June 2019
  • ReQWIRE: Reasoning about Reversible Quantum Circuits
    Robert Rand, Jennifer Paykin, Dong-Ho Lee, and Steve Zdancewic
    Quantum Physics and Logic, Halifax, Canada, June 2018
  • The Linearity Monad
    Jennifer Paykin and Steve Zdancewic
    Proceedings of the 10th ACM SIGPLAN International Haskell Symposium, Oxford, UK, September 2017
    [pdf]   [bib]   [slides]
  • QWIRE Practice: Formal Verification of Quantum Circuits in Coq
    Robert Rand, Jennifer Paykin, and Steve Zdancewic
    Quantum Physics and Logic, Nijmegen, Netherlands, July 2017
  • QWIRE: A Core Language for Quantum Circuits
    Jennifer Paykin, Robert Rand, and Steve Zdancewic
    Proceedings of the 44th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2017), Paris, France, January 2017
    [pdf]   [bib]
  • Linear λμ is CP (more or less)
    Jennifer Paykin and Steve Zdancewic
    A List of Successes to Change the World, Edinburgh, UK, April 2016
    [pdf]   [bib]
  • A linear/producer/consumer model of classical linear logic
    Jennifer Paykin and Steve Zdancewic
    Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on LINEARITY, Vienna, Austria, July 2014.
    [pdf]   [tech report]   [bib]
  • A static cost analysis for a higher-order language
    Norman Danner, Jennifer Paykin, and James S Royer
    Proceedings of the 7th ACM SIGPLAN workshop on Programming Languages meets Program Verification (PLPV), Rome, Italy, January 2013.
    [pdf]   [bib]


  • Weird Machines as Insecure Compilation
    Jennifer Paykin, Eric Mertens, Mark Tullsen, Luke Maurer, Benoit Razet, Alexander Bakst, Scott Moore
    November 2019
  • Linear/Non-Linear Types for Embedded Domain-Specific Languages
    Jennifer Paykin
    Ph.D. Thesis, University of Pennsyvlania, 2018
  • choose your own derivative (Extended Abstract)
    Jennifer Paykin, Antal Spector-Zabusky, and Kenneth Foner
    Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Type-Driven Development (TyDe 2016), Nara, Japan, September 2016
  • The Essence of Event-Driven Programming
    Jennifer Paykin, Neelakantan R. Krishnaswami, and Steve Zdancewic
    Draft, April 2016
  • The many meanings of polarized proof theory
    Jennifer Paykin
    University of Pennsylvania Written Preliminary Examination (WPE) II, December 2015
  • Curry Howard for GUIs
    Jennifer Paykin, Neelakantan R. Krishnaswami, and Steve Zdancewic
    Off the Beaen Track, Mumbia, India, January 2015

Posters and Presentations

  • Quantum Computing for Programming Language Researchers
    or: I sort of understand quantum computing, and so can you! =
    Invited talk at Programming Languages for Quantum Computing (PLanQC), January 2020
    [slides] [YouTube]
  • Exploits as Insecure Compilation
    Principles of Secure Compilation (PriSC), January 2020
    [slides] [YouTube]
  • A HoTT Quantum Equational Theory
    University of Maryland, March 8, 2019
  • Formal Verification of Quantum Programs
    Invited talk at Pacific Northwest National Labs, October 26, 2018
  • Preaching to the QWIRE: Verified semantics of quantum circuits
    Invited talk at QPL/MFPS, June 6, 2018
  • Curry-Howard for Callbacks
    ICFP Student Research Competition, September 4, 2015
    First place, graduate category
  • Logic, Categories, and Graphical User Interfaces
    Invited talk at Wesleyan University, April 21, 2015
  • A Linear/Producer/Consumer Model of Classial Linear Logic
    POPL student poster session, January 24, 2014


  • CIS 191, Linux and UNIX Skills (Instructor), University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2016
  • GEMS Computer Science Workshop, Summers 2014-2017
  • CIS 502, Analysis of Algorithms (Teaching Assistant), University of Pennsylvania, Summer 2015
  • CIS 160, Mathematical Foundations in Computer Science (Teaching Assistant), University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2014
  • CIS 500, Software Foundations (Teaching Assistant), University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2013
  • Discrete Mathematics (Teaching Assistant), Wesleyan University, Spring 2010

Professional Activities

  • I organized diversity events and coordinated accommodations for disabled attendees at POPL 2022 as Accessibility and Diversity Chair.
  • I served on the program committees for several workshops and conferences including ICFP 2019, PLanQC 2021, PriSC 2021, and TyDe 2017.
  • I was an organizer of CISTErs , a group for phd, postdoc, and faculty women in engineering at Penn.

Contact Info

Email: jpaykin (at) gmail (dot) com